Growing Herbs on Windowsills


As I haven’t got my garden up and running yet, I’ve been buying the “living herbs” in pots at the grocery store. You know what I don’t understand? Why do they refrigerate these plants? Assuming that plants grow best with proper sunlight (a.k.a. HEAT) in warm temperatures, I don’t get why some grocery stores put these herbs in the refrigerated section. It makes no sense. Perhaps this is why, when I bring home these lovely green potted plants, and set them on my windowsill, they die. Oh my. Oh yes they do.

Death due to lack of climatisation – going from that chilled vegetable section to a warm window sill. Or are they just crappy herbs? I must admit the basil doesn’t taste as fragrantly delicious as fresh herbs should.

So anyways. I get home and put them in my herb pot holder on the windowsill. And within days, despite watering according to instruction, they wilt and look awful. Of course I could just use them as soon as I get them home. But grocery shopping for me is like clothes shopping for other people. As I meander through the aisles, I spot all sorts of wonderful things and the “outfits” just form in my mind and I buy ingredients for many different meal possibilities. Like yesterday, for example. I bought kale, fresh parsley, some pre-washed bags of “American salad” (which normally I wouldn’t do, as I prefer to buy, wash and assemble my own, but at 39p per bag, it was a deal that was too good to be ignored) and far too many other things that are fresh and should be used pretty much right away. So a bit of wilting is par for the course I guess.

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