What’s Up Doc? Rabbit in the Pot.


Okay. Yes. That is a rather sick title for “I am Cooking Rabbit Stew” isn’t it? *sigh* You’ll get used to me.

So I was at the butcher’s the other day to get some decent beef for a beef stroganoff, and what to my wondering eyes did appear . . . but two skinned rabbit carcasses. I haven’t had rabbit since my ex and I ate at “Aux anciens canadiens” in Quebec City, many many years ago. So there they were, fresh, organic, and seriously, as much as I feel for them, they were already dead. So I bought one. (Incidentally, I see Aux anciens is no longer offering the rabbit on the menu!)

Now where better to get a really good rabbit stew recipe than from Quebec anyways right? I love this site: All recipes Quebec but I didn’t quite find what I was looking for. Rummaging through my fridge I found fresh thyme and rosemary, white wine (of course) and up on top of the fridge . . . . my pressure cooker. So, I made my own recipe! 😀

Lapin au vin

1 large onion (or numerous shallots) chopped
4 slices smoked bacon
2 – 4 Tbsp butter

Melt the butter and brown the onion, bacon and eviserated chunked up rabbit in the pan part of a pressure cooker.
Turn the rabbit to brown all sides.

Sprinkle over 1 Tbsp of flour,
1 tsp of salt and
lots of freshly ground pepper.

Toss to coat. Add two cups (1 pint, 500 ml) dry white wine. Pour yourself a big glass. Then, add copious amounts of fresh thyme and rosemary. To the pot, not to your glass of wine. (Seriously people. Work with me here.)

Bring this concoction to a simmer and then pop on the lid. Bring to pressure and then lower heat to keep it cooking slowly but steadily for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, it should look like this:

Serve with steamed carrots with fresh dill, sweet potatoes and spring greens tossed with butter and garlic. Or, if you are a fatso-wannabee, serve with a big plate of mashed potaoes, some deep-fried onion rings and a keg of beer. Either way, this rabbit is finger-lickin’ good baby.


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