Planning a Vegetable Garden


I am busy planning my vegetable garden! I have already started some seeds, but I will sow most seeds directly into the ground after the first frost.

A partial selection of my seeds for 2011

I needed a few replacement herbs – my rosemary plant died at the end of the winter. I have discovered a wonderful herb farm in nearby Ashley – they also sell gorgeous free range eggs and have the little creatures running around everywhere – more on them later!

I have been reading up on companion planting. Fortunately, I have never really had a problem with garden pests. The one year I did have a slew of somethings eating my tomatoes (in Canada), I ringed the tomatoes with marigolds and *poof* – bugs gone!

I have discovered some new companion plants as well – planting tomatoes and basil together increases the vigour and flavour of both crops, and borage helps deter tomato hornworm. I also never really thought of mixing crops in the same space either – but last year when we went to Mexico, the tour guide on the way to the Mayan ruins explained how the Mayans were wizards of mixed planting – with that in mind, I have explored it further and discovered that carrots can be planted alongside tomatoes because they share space well. The carrots can be planted when the tomatoes are still quite small, and will be happily growing and ready to harvest by the time the tomato plants start to take over the space. Brilliant!

A couple of things that I want to try growing (and which my husband thinks is hilarious!) are wheat and quinoa. I may give quinoa a go just for the fun of it, but the wheat likely is a silly idea as we just don’t have the space.


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