Growing Olive & Fig Trees in England!


It’s hard to believe that olive and fig trees can be successfully grown in England – but from what I have read, they can, so I ordered a couple of trees. I actually ordered them for my husband for our second wedding anniversary. I thought he would like them better than socks. I ordered from The Big Plant Nursery in West Sussex.

The plants arrived together – one well wrapped and one NOT so well wrapped.

I was NOT impressed with the way the fig tree arrived. The plant was not well wrapped or secured – it just looked like they had dumped it in a box and hoped for the best.

It was also rather puny.

But the olive tree was very well wrapped and secured, and to say I am thrilled with the condition of this tree is an understatement. It arrived healthy and skinny but stately! Oleo europaea “Frantoio” Olive Tree
This baby is about 6 feet tall and is beautiful! I chose a self-fertile variety. When planting fruit trees of any sort, it is very important to either get complementary trees for fertilisation, or to buy self-fertile ones. (My pear, peach and cherry trees are also self-fertile).

Here’s the olive tree:

It already has tiny little olives on it!

Needless to say, at £16.50 for a few leaves and a stem, it is going to be a long while before the fig tree pays for itself.


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