Today’s Planting


Today we planted potatoes (King Edward), watermelon (Sugar Baby, citrullus lanatus), beets (Boltary), corn (Sweet corn Early Extra Sweet F1), wax (yellow) beans, runner beans (used seeds from last year’s plants), peas and summer savoury. I was really fortunate to have scored some summer savoury seeds, as I have NEVER seen them before. I got them from a very kind woman at the Ashley herb farm in Northamptonshire. I scattered them beside the corn and beets (surface planting). They are self-propagating, so hopefully will come up each year! There is nothing better than roast chicken or turkey stuffing made with summer savoury – yum!!!

I also didn’t know that corn is best planted in a square formation, but apparently it is wind polinated, so the square works better than rows. As I was researching companion planting I found a good site that discusses all sorts of information on companion planting and more.

Check it out: 


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