Summer Savoury


OMG you should see my summer savoury!!!!! And smell it!! It is glorious! I have only ever used dried summer savoury in my turkey and chicken stuffing recipes, but as soon as some of this stuff is ready I am going to give it a go with fresh. It smells so good I could just lie down in it (lay down?? I swear that verb is my bane!) and roll around like an absolute lunatic! I will have to let some of it go to seed so I can replant next year as well, but will dry most of it for Christmas! After I am done rolling in the summer savoury I may  bury my face in the rosemary for good measure. Okay enough. Seriously though, is there anything that smells as divine as live herbs? I keep my basil inside and when I water it, not even disturbing the leaves, it somehow releases the most heavenly scent – it just wafts through the kitchen.

If you are new to summer savoury, it is a beautiful herb to use in stuffings, clam chowder, chicken stew (fricot acadien!) More recipes and photos coming shortly!

Summer Savoury

Our Cat Espadrille in the Summer Savoury patch in September

Summer Savoury - Drying and Dried

Summer Savoury - Drying and Dried


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