Jamaican Banana Bread


Jamaica Me Mama! This is the recipe for the best banana bread you will ever eat. This is an ova-lacto vegetarian recipe.

Jamaican Banana Bread

Preheat oven to 180C (350F), then cream together in a large bowl:

125 ml butter or margarine (not reduced calorie)**
125 ml brown sugar
5 ml vanilla
1 egg, well beaten

Into the above mixture, add and stir 3-4 ripe medium bananas (mashed)

Mix together:

500 ml plain flour
15 ml baking powder
3 ml freshly ground nutmeg*
50 ml chopped nuts (optional)
50 ml raisins (optional)

Add the dry ingredients to the wet and stir until just blended.
Pour into a greased (and parchment paper lined if you wish) loaf pan (2 litre or 9-inch).
Bake for 55 minutes.
Cool on rack.
Slice, slather with butter (or not) and marvel.

** Recommended fat is butter. It’s pure, it’s natural, it’s delicious. Second choice is regular (not olive oil) margarine. Reduced calorie margarine has water in it (plus an intriguing assortment of chemicals, but I shan’t start on the evils of margaine in my recipe notes) so it does not work well in baked goods.

*You could get by, in a pinch, with using pre-ground nutmeg. I think that the freshly grated nutmeg makes all the difference, so it is worth getting some and keeping it on hand.


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