Garden is going gangbusters!


Well I can barely keep up with what is happening in the garden! And the bounty has only just begun! The blackberries (which literally, popped up out of nowhere!) are producing like crazy. Yesterday I picked close to two pounds worth in about 10 minutes. I also picked the last of the peaches. The blackberry bushes show no sign of letting up – there are a lot of developing fruits on the bushes, some half-ripe, and a lot of new blossoms, indicating that this bounty of delicious free fruit is going to go on for months to come!

Peaches & Blackberries

Bounty from our Garden August 5, 2011

The peaches smelled fabulous. I find it amazing that this stuff is growing in my garden and that a small tree can produce so many peaches, only the second year after it was planted!

I understand now why blackberries are so expensive in the grocery store. Between the thorns, the nettles and the bees, getting to them and picking them is NOT an easy chore!
There are a lot that I can’t reach as they are behind the greenhouse and barricaded by a mass of thorny brambles – so I can only reach the closest ones. This fall we will cut back the bushes and try to make them more accessible for next year.

Inaccessible to mere mortals

It is really quite torturous to be able to see them through the glass and not reach them!

Blackberries glistening outside the greenhouse


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  1. Ooh, I love the smell of peaches – there’s a house not far away from where I live which has a huge sprawling peach tree in its garden. Last year all the fruit just fell off and ended up rotting away on their lawn, but the smell before that happened was incredible. Rich and peachy scent, all the way down the road. This year I was hoping to try and pinch a few in the night-time since I suspected he wouldn’t pick them again like last year. I went away on holiday and when I came back the tree had been stripped bare of its fruits! 😦

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