Asparagus Peas and Aubergines


Today saw a considerable bounty from the garden! The aubergines are still a bit small but I wanted to do some roasted Mediterranean vegetables so I picked three of the largest anyway. They are supposed to be picked when they are at 80-90 grams, and these were 60 grams each. We didn’t plant zucchini (courgettes) this year, so I bought those. I regret not planting any but last year they just went crazy and most ended up turning into marrows.

Today's Bounty - Aug 26

Today's Bounty - Aug 26

I served the roasted Mediterranean vegetables with grilled wild sea bass (which had been drizzled with truffle and olive oil, splashed with freshly squeezed lemon juice and sprinkled with what every fish loves – Old Bay spice!) From our garden I picked the aubergines, fresh thyme, parsley, and Greek oregano, Italian Peperonata (sweet) peppers, and some luscious red onion. I steamed the runner beans and the asparagus peas separately. If you aren’t familiar with asparagus peas, don’t feel bad! I had never even heard of them until I saw the seeds at the garden centre! They are a delightful little delicacy. They taste like a cross between a green bean and asparagus. You eat the whole pod (there doesn’t appear to actually be any sort of “pea” inside the pod).

Asparagus Peas - August 26th

Asparagus Peas - August 26th

While they do have beautiful red flowers, they are a bit of a novelty as they really don’t produce a high yield – I would say grow them for the taste and the fun of it, with no expectation of a substantial yield, and you’ll be happy! They should be harvested when they are about an inch long. PS. The pears and grapes are also from our garden, but I didn’t roast them!

Aubergines - Aug 26th

Aubergines - Aug 26th


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