Beet Greens Revisited – Soup Recipe


I have had some questions about beet greens, so:

To eat beet greens as a side vegetable (just like spinach), take a big bunch of beet greens (stems and all) wash them to get rid of any grit, and then steam them until tender.

Add some butter, salt and pepper and enjoy!

Beet Green Soup

For soup, you take a big bunch of beet greens (stems and all) wash them to get rid of any grit.

Cook them in some broth (chicken, vegetable, beef, etc.) with sauteed onion and garlic optional.

When the greens (and stems in particular) are tender, cool, and then puree in the liquid they were cooked in.

Stir in either cream or evaporated milk (I personally love the subtle taste that Carnation evaporated milk gives to my soups).

For a low cal version, omit the milk or cream.

Herbs or spices that can be added to the soup include nutmeg, dill or a dash of curry. (Use only one of these – not all!).

Always add salt and pepper to taste.

Beet Green Soup

Beet Green Soup

This soup came out quite red, but if you use only the leaves and not the stems, it will be a green soup.

* I highly recommend allowing the cooked greens to cool a fair bit before putting them and their liquid/broth into the blender – scalding yourself is always a danger when blending hot food!

Step 1.

Beet Greens in Sink Getting a Good Washing!

Step 2.

Beet Greens and Stems in Broth after being cooked in Pressure Cooker


Step 3.

Beet Greens Going for a Whirl!


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  1. Here’s what’s funny…when you shared the link with me, I was thinking the soup was going to be green. Yes, I know…it’s a beet green soup, so I should have known better!

    It sounds tasty, and very simple! I was reading “Tender” by Nigel Slater last night, the section on beets. He recommended cumin as a spice for beets. Thoughts?

      • Excellent – looking forward to hearing what you think!

        As we’re talking about beets – any suggestions for cooking them that don’t involve the oven? It’s about to hit 100+ degrees Fahrenheit here, and the last thing I like to do in the summer is turn on the oven.

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