Reposting this from another blog – beet greens and pasta – yummy!

kitchen notes and other sundries

…beet greens, that is. So you made a roasted beet salad and now are curious about what to do with those greens. In honor of Danny at Danny’s Kitchen, and his wonderful idea for “The Great Leftover Challenge,” here’s a small post about what I did with my left over beet greens, in hopes of inspiring you to do the same (or similar).

Beet greens look similar to turnip greens, save their colored stalks and veins, and are associated with the generally healthy and good for you “greens family” (kale, chard, dandelion greens, etc). Or at least, I generally associate them in the “greens family”, which for me means versatile and more often than not tasty. Except collared greens — apologies to the collared greens lovers, I just can’t get into them.

Back to beet greens and using up those left overs. Next time you’ve got beet greens laying…

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