This sounds wonderful (and our hubbies sound incredibly similar!) – can’t wait to try this!

Back Road Journal

WARNING!  Do not attempt this recipe unless you have a kitchen slave. LOL. This disclaimer comes from my wonderful husband who shares kitchen duties with me. I cook and he comes behind me cleaning my messes from the stove, the counters, and washes the collection of utensils, bowls, and anything else that I can use to create the recipes that come your way. He calls me the mess maker and calls himself the kitchen slave. He advises everyone that this recipe can create a mess but it is a wonderfully crispy, savory dish. Is it worth it…he said it is delicious but he is still thinking about the mess.

He makes my life easy as I create a recipe. Not only is he my taster, critique of sauces in the making…he is my sounding board. Of course, this is probably the hardest job in the world. He refuses to give…

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Reader, writer, gardener, camper, hiker, traveller. Cat lover that loves to cook. Married, mother of two fantastic twenty-somethings. INTJ, Canadian. Living in England (and loving it). Addicted to cookbooks. Sometimes cranky.

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