Tomatoes with Taste!


I just harvested the last of my tomatoes. I grew three different heirloom varieties this year. If you don’t know about heirloom – or “heritage” – seeds, you can read about them here – but suffice it to say that heirloom tomato varieties have TASTE! So if all you have ever eaten are supermarket tomatoes (or grown the much-hyped but rather tasteless “Beefeater” ones), you should give real tomatoes a go.

Last year I grew Black Russian (a heritage variety that looks similar to the Black Krim) and cherry tomatoes. This year I grew Cherokee Purple, Black Krim and Big Rainbow.

In blind taste tests (with husband as fellow guinea pig) we discovered that the Black Krim were slightly salty and delicious, the Cherokee Purple were slightly sweet and delicious and the beautiful yellow and orange “Big Rainbow” were ever so slightly sweet – and all around delicious! And while the Black Krim looked a lot like last year’s Black Russian, the Black Krim had a better texture (less ‘mealy’ somehow?).

If you have little space and can only grow one thing, make it a tomato plant. Once you have eaten real tomatoes the supermarket ones taste like, well, nothing.

Vine Ripened Black Krim

And here is my entire corn and squash harvest this year. For real.

What a no-sun no-heat summer yields . . .

My onions and garlic fared MUCH better 🙂

Cristo and Marco Garlic, Red Baron and Centurion onions.

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    • We eat huge amounts of garlic and onions (good thing they are good for us!) so it won’t be long before we will go through them. Fortunately we have a cellar (which, coming from Canada, I was amazed to discover is a rarity in England) so they stay cool and dry in the interim.

      • I almost forgot that cellars exist — In Arizona (and Phoenix especially), I haven’t seen a basement (though I’m sure they exist) let alone a cellar.

        Any suggestions for onions/garlic? I use them as my base for most dishes, but rarely stand alone.

      • Is it? I’ve always been curious to try — all the recipes I’ve seen picture this beautiful, velvety soup. My major concern is….do you reek like garlic for the next week after eating or does roasting the garlic mellow it out?

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