An Easy Way to Keep Track of Your Water Consumption!




We all knowing staying hydrated is important for our health – it helps our energy levels stay elevated, makes digestion more efficient, thwarts constipation, is good for our skin, etc. I actually get migraines if I don’t stay hydrated, my contact lenses feel drier, and I just generally feel blah!

But keeping track and staying conscious of how much water you are drinking can be a challenge for some people – and especially if you are not in the habit of drinking enough.

I have found an easy way to stay conscious of my daily water consumption with a simple visual system. I keep two little dishes and eight glass beads on my kitchen window ledge. Each morning the beads are all in one dish – throughout the day, each time I drink a glass of water, I move a pebble from one dish to the other. It’s an easy way to keep track of my daily progress! At the end of each day, the dish on the left should be empty!

Now I work from a home office, so the dishes work for me – but what if you work in an office or elsewhere? Keep track on a little post-it note on your desk, set the timer on your phone to go off once an hour on the hour, set up email transmissions – do something that will trigger you drink a glass of water regularly throughout the day.

Your skin, health and waistline will thank you! 

One final note on water. If you are in the habit of buying bottled water (for whatever reason) make sure you are buying pure spring water. A lot of bottled water out there is just filtered tap water – a complete waste of money if you think you are buying spring water. Read the labels!


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