Three-Day Raw Food Cleanse – Results


Final result of my 3-day raw food cleanse was a weight loss 2.6 pounds. It really seemed to have affected my appetite – in other words, instead of being ravenous when it ended, it had actually decreased my appetite a lot! When I awakened the 4th day I felt light, clear-headed. I noticed an absence of my usual sluggishness.

I weighed myself (down 2.6 pounds), drank my cup of tea as per usual, had a couple of glasses of water, and then ate an orange. What happened next is what struck me as VERY unusual: I got distracted by other things, forgot to eat, and it was 1:30 in the afternoon before I realised that, not only had I not eaten anything after the orange, but I still wasn’t hungry!?

Now that may not be a big deal for some of you. But I don’t ever “forget to eat”. I think about food a lot. But not that day.

I could easily, at that point, still not eaten anything. I was not even remotely hungry. Despite that, I decided to commence my daily usual routine and ground 2 Tbsp of flax seed, ate that in some yoghurt. I then thought, “Yes! I can eat starchy carbs!” So I had a couple of ryvitas with hummus.

Since then, I have resumed eating as I normally do, including fish, properly raised and fed lean meat, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and some starchy carbs (e.g. Rye crisp breads – I rarely eat regular bread now, and when I do, it is a lower GI flax and soy loaf by Burgen Bread).

Since I have resumed the starchy carbs I have noticed two things. The sluggish heavy feeling has returned, and so has my carb craving.

During the entire 72 hours of the cleanse, I had two episodes of “must have starchy carbs NOW” cravings. And they were mild. Easily overcome. If I compare that to my usual daily battle, when I constantly crave carbs, it’s pretty clear that even eating “healthy” carbs like rye crisp bread, kick starts my body to crave more and more carbs.

Now that is my experience. I am not saying that is a scientific analysis. I am not a scientist. I am fascinated and encouraged by what I experienced and I need to explore it further. For me to have gone from a carb monster to no craving immediately (even from the first day of the cleanse) was an absolute delight. Then to realise that I wasn’t even thinking about food . . . awesome. A normal daily “no starchy carb” regime is definitely something that I need to investigate further.


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