No Time for Breakfast? Not hungry in the morning? Try a Smoothie!


I’m not a breakfast eater. I don’t wake up ravenous and could easily live on tea and coffee until lunch time. But that’s not healthy. Over the years I have tried various breakfasts, but none were particularly exciting. Then I got a blender. Now each morning I start the day with a fresh healthy fruit smoothie. I throw a bunch of ingredients into the blender, give it a whir and voilĂ ! A quick healthy start to the day!

Orange blueberry flax banana smoothie.

Orange blueberry flax banana smoothie.

If you struggle with breakfast as well, this may work for you. I won’t give exact measurements – making a smoothie is an art, not science – so experiment!

If you’ve never made one before, you may want to watch my video on how to do so: Video Part 1 and (after the doorbell rang!) Part 2.

How to Make a Smoothie
To begin I use either soya, almond or coconut milk, about a cup (250ml). You could use regular milk or even yogurt if you prefer.

Next, I always throw in a whole orange (minus peel and seeds).

Next in: 2 Tbsp (30ml) freshly ground organic flaxseed*, and then:

Two or more of any of the following: strawberries, blueberries, melon, banana, mango, etc. in other words, whatever fresh (or frozen) fruit I have on hand.

Be careful if using banana – 1/2 of one is sufficient. More can make the smoothie too thick, and a bit “gluey”.



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  1. Thanks for stopping by – I have been reading your blog and am fascinated by what you are up to!! Re: smoothies – seriously, give it a try. I went for many years not eating in the morning – but having discovered this, I have to say it is amazing how much more energetic I feel! And it’s not a struggle to consume this in the morning (solid food is so unappetising to me first thing in the morning).

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