Another foray into Raw Food


Well I am starting another three days of raw food tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. I have been feeling just rather “blah” lately and I felt so good last month when I did the three day raw cleanse. So with the hubby away it is an opportune time to indulge.

I am not doing a strict “cleanse” this time (meaning I am not necessarily going to be strictly vegan – I have some bresaola (raw air-dried beef) on hand and if I feel like it I will drizzle it with olive oil and enjoy it). Then again, I may not – we’ll see.  I am going to focus on fresh juices and lots of delicious salads, fresh fruits and vegetables.

I’ve ordered a book on keeping an alkaline body and from the little bit I have read thus far, it appears that tea and coffee are acid forming in the body. Not good and I didn’t realise that. So, I think I will also completely cut out my cup of tea each morning for the next few days. I’ll enjoy some nettle tea for sure – the stinging nettles are popping up all lovely and green in their little patch out back of the house and I’ve been itching to pick some. 

It seems that raw food is a big part of keeping one’s body alkaline, so I know it is something that I need to move toward more and more each day. I admire people that eat raw consistently every day. At this stage it is baby steps for me, but I guess if you don’t at least begin the journey, you get nowhere fast – right?

I am quite excited about juicing my homegrown kale as well – it is stoically resisting the cold temperatures out there in my garden – what an incredible vegetable it is! So tomorrow I’ll be picking some and juicing it. 


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