It is hard to believe that you can throw a heap of grass cuttings, banana peels, tea bags and other organic kitchen waste into a compost pile and have it morph into beautiful black rich compost . . . but you can, and I did and I am over the moon right now as I am spreading this black gold on my garden! This you can believe: if I can do it anyone can!

Check it out: last year’s waste has become this year’s nutrient-packed compost for my veggie patch!

How I Did it: My Set-Up

I used the centre section of an outdoor lean-to. I lined the side walls with black plastic
garbage bin bags (bags + staple gun, done in seconds). Bottom of course is just the ground
(worms need to get in!)


Multiple Bins

Some people use two bins – when one is full they cover it and leave it to do its work and
start a fresh compost pile. I may do that this year if my newest pile decomposes quickly
enough in the summer heat. Ha! Who am I kidding? Summer “heat” in England? 😉


Unsifted Compost 

If your soil is clayish or already really fine-textured, you may not want (or need) to sift
the compost. If you have thrown a lot of branch cuttings in, you may need to.


Sifted – the Final Product

My garden soil is quite rocky so I chose to sift out the larger bits and twigs that were remaining.
I can’t believe this used to be grass cuttings, shrub trimmings, fruit and vegetable peelings and
discarded old apple cores and tea bags! Amazing!


Want to Give Composting a Go?

The basics (and specifics for that matter) of composting are all over the web and I won’t pretend to have any original ideas on the subject. If you want information on how to compost, this gentleman’s blog should get you started! Trust me when I say the following: it is easy, it is worth it, it’s earth-friendly and it’s a difficult activity to fail at!


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