Einkorn Flour

Einkorn Flour

Einkorn Flour

I recently read Wheat Belly by William David MD . I had no idea how far modern wheat has come from its ancestors. I won’t go into detail here, but suffice it to say “VERY FAR INDEED!!” Modern wheat has a protein in its gluten called gliadin. Gliadin acts as an opiate. It is addictive, causes craving for more and more of it, and, it stimulates appetite.

Now I am sceptical about most things I read. In this day and age, you have to be. You can’t believe everything you read. Nor do I. But I have actually experienced this wheat phenomenon myself: I have noticed (and always found it curious) that when I had cereal or toast for breakfast I was starving again within a short amount of time.  When I ate food with wheat in it, I craved more and more. All day long. Whereas on days when I didn’t have wheat, I didn’t crave carbs all day – or much of anything else for that matter.

There’s a lot of controversy on Dr Davis’s assessment of wheat (and other grains). But having witnessed first hand – and more importantly having done so before I read (or had even heard of) the book, I am inclined to say that I found much of what he has written regarding wheat being an appetite stimulant, TRUE.  A brief synopsis of his opinion on wheat can be found here.

Remember a while back when I did a raw food cleansing diet? Bread, crackers, cereal, etc., aren’t “raw” so I didn’t eat any. Much of my surprise (although I didn’t attribute it to wheat at the time) I had no cravings, no hunger pangs, and I was able to follow the raw food diet with practically no difficulty. I didn’t feel deprived, I didn’t feel hungry and I had only a brief craving for bread!! My body was “withdrawing” from that addiction!

I don’t want (or fortunately need) to live without wheat due to gluten intolerance. I want to eat the occasional slice of bread, pizza, pasta, etc. I started researching and have found einkorn. Woohoo!!! Einkorn is man’s first form of cultivated wheat, grown by farmers more than 10,000 years ago. Compared to modern wheat, it is healthier*, a natural unadulterated product – and very tasty!


Where to Find Einkorn in the UK?

I live in the United Kingdom (England to be exact) and get my einkorn flour from Doves Farm. They also sell kamut and spelt flours (which I bought but haven’t tested on my gut yet!), various gluten free flours, etc. I had never heard of einkorn flour until I read “Wheat Belly”. We have switched to einkorn flour (in lieu of no flour at all as Wheat Belly recommends) as we just can’t live (happily) without bread.

When we eat baked goods (or pizza crust) made with einkorn it has no adverse effects. We don’t feel stuffed and we don’t get bloated and we don’t feel sick! Neither of us is gluten intolerant (celiac disease) – at least not that we know of! But we are both definitely gluten sensitive as after cutting out regular flour and then “slipping” a couple of times when dining out, we both felt very ill and wiped out afterwards. In fact the last time we ate out and indulged in a couple of slices of bread we were both sick for the day – headaches, exhausted, stomach rumblings, just generally feeling bloated and ill all over. It was the only food item we both ate. So don’t go there 😉

We are headed to Italy in September and despite it being the land of pasta, if we can’t find einkorn or emmer pasta, we’ll be ordering pasta free meals:  the last regular wheat foray finished us both for good!

Happy Baking everyone! I have just begun to experiment with this lovely product and will be posting recipes as I go!


Where to Find Einkorn in Canada or the USA.

 As many of us work towards eating better and living closer to what nature intended, the demand for good natural products will increase. If you live in Canada you can source einkorn flour from Prime Grains and if you live in the USA you can get it from growseed.org or from Jovial Foods. If you grind your own wheat berries into flour, you can source it einkorn.com or from Jovial Foods. Jovial also sells einkorn pasta which I am unable to source here in the UK – if you know of anywhere to get it in the UK please PLEASE let me know!


*Einkorn’s Nutritional Value

Einkorn contains higher levels of protein, essential fatty acids, phosphorous, potassium, pyridoxine (B6), lutein and beta-carotene (lutein).

The Einkorn flour is characterized by high protein, high ash, a very high carotene content, and small flour particle size when compared to the modern bread wheats.

It also has plenty of carotenoids – the natural red, yellow or orange pigments that are found in many vegetables and fruits, and in a few grains. Carotenoids have the medical properties that help in preventing serious diseases such as cancer.


   einkorn bread recipe imperialeinkorn bread recipe


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  1. We gave up eating wheat about 6 weeks ago & the difference is amazing! I swear I am not in as much pain with my fibromyalgia, we are both losing weight, we are sleeping better, are no where near as hungry all the time & just generally feel soooooooo much better. My parent gave up eating wheat about 6-10 months (my Mom has been doing it longer than my Dad) & so far my Mom has lost around 30lbs & my Dad has lost 49lbs – with no other changes, no increased exercise & they both say they feel a million miles better too.

    We don’t feel like we are missing anything either. We still have pizza – wheat & gluten free. We still have pasta (rice & corn) & I still do my baking using substitute flours. For us, this is a great life change & there will never be a going back!

  2. That’s fabulous Ceinwenn! Glad to hear it is working for you and yours! I am not crazy about the rice pasta – I haven’t tried the corn one yet – how does it compare texture and taste wise to the rice one? I am trying to source einkorn pasta here in the UK but no luck so far…

  3. The one we eat is a combination rice/corn flour pasta & we both prefer it to traditional pasta. So far, the only thing we have tried that we haven’t liked of the wheat/gluten free ready-made foodstuff is the pita bread. That was like eating cardboard. Going to have to try making my own. I know you get your Einkorn flour from Doves Farm, but where do you buy it? I’ve never seen it on the shelves in any of the supermarkets (& I have tried Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco & Asda)

    • I bought it directly off the Doves Farm website (along with kamut khorasan flour and buckwheat flour) and they just shipped it to me. I also bought their brown rice pasta – for the einkorn flour, I bought 5x1KG bags and keep them in the freezer until I use it. I ordered a fair whack of stuff because if your order is £30 you get free shipping, and I know we will use it all so I went for it.

      I am hoping to try an einkorn pita bread recipe in the next week – stay tuned!

  4. My wife read “Wheat Belly” a few weeks ago and decided to give up wheat pretty much altogether. I read it myself and, decided to cut back as bit. When my better half was yearning for a slice of toast, I decided to see if I could get some einkorn flour.

    I found some of the Dove’s Farm flour (just like your image above) in a local health food store. Tried the “quick bread” recipe first and it was great. Lovely nutty flavour. i also tried the one where you let it prove overnight, or for 10 to 15 hours. I didn’t like that quite so much though – and it was a lot more work, mostly waiting admittedly.

    I couldn’t tell from your post which method you’re using – the quick one or the overnight prove (or both). Any tips?

    As far as Wheat Belly goes, there are more than a few sweeping generalities there – no fat people in black and white photos, need to send him a photo of aunty Jessie I suppose – but I do think that there’s definitely something in it.

    • Hi Hamish! I agree with you – a lot of sweeping generalities in the book. My husband and I adopted some of what he said – I think that is the balanced approach – finding out what works for your body! When we were in Italy we bought pasta made from Khorasan and emmer (which they call farro) and here in the UK we get some gorgeous emmer pasta on Amazon.* The difference that we have noticed with these older strains of flour is that after we eat it we feel satisfied but not bloated and stuffed and lethargic like we used to after eating modern wheat pasta. We occasionally eat spelt bread as well but it doesn’t “feel” as good. For bread I now either make einkorn (yes, the quick recipe on Dove’s package is the one I use and I agree it actually tastes the best) or a spelt loaf, or we very occasionally buy a loaf of the M&S “Lifestyle” seeded gluten free loaf – it is fabulous tasting but the ingredients are quite processed.

      I make pizza dough from einkorn or emmer, muffins, etc, sometimes blended with Doves gluten free white blend. I agree with Davis’s assessment that there is a lot of rubbish in most pre-prepared gluten free products so for the most part we just steer clear of grain/prepared products in general, but life is about balance so we do occasionally have quinoa, rice, or millet with dinner and oats or the Dove’s Farm buckwheat flakes for breakfast.

      What else have you tried with the einkorn flour? I keep hoping Dove will delve into einkorn pasta making!!

      • Hi Katherine,

        To be honest, I’m fairly new to this. I made my first einkorn loaf about three weeks ago, so I’m still experimenting with the bread. I find he dough a lot stickier than I expected (but I had zero experience making my own bread before this).

        I would like to go and make some rolls – but my gloopy dough won’t hold any shape! I may try the khorosan flour next and see how that pans out (notice you’ve got a post on that – off to read it shortly).

        Thanks for the tip about the emmer pasta on Amazon. I will definitely be getting some of that. My wife finds sticking to “wheat belly” hardest at lunchtime. She is a caregiver and goes from one house to another – a sandwich is very handy when you’re on that kind of work. The einkorn bread is working, but a tub of pasta now and again would be good as well and make a nice change I suspect.

        Anyway, for the moment, I’m still trying to get the einkorn loaf just so – but I shall be back to see how you get on with einkorn pizza

  5. Hi, just wondering if anyone has developed a bread machine recipe for einkorn bread. I tried recipes found online, but not 100% happy with the final result, it doesnt rise well for some reason. I use fresh yeast to all my bread experiments, all other bread are fine and rise sometimes even to well, but the einkorn one is a bit to flat.

    • Hi Kamila,

      If anyone has one that works brilliantly I would love to have it as well – I have had moderate success using the gluten free setting on my bread machine and the recipe on the flour bag, but if anyone has a recipe that works really well, I would love to have it as well. For now I am sticking with the recipe on the bag, doing it by hand and baking it in the oven – it does work really well, just not as hands off a method as using a bread machine.

      On the upside, einkorn doesn’t require a lot of kneading so it is pretty quick even when done by hand. I’ve posted the recipe that I use, in imperial and metric measurements on the Einkorn Flour page.

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