Drink your lettuce!


We just got back from camping in the beautiful Lake District (more on that later, including camping recipes!) to find that the garden has gone crazy!

Suddenly the peas are profuse, the lettuce is huge Image

and the rainbow Swiss Chard is, well, stunning to say the least. Image

Of course fruits and vegetables are best eaten fresh, but when you have a glut in the garden, you have to preserve…. peas can be frozen, as can Swiss Chard, but lettuce? Erm, no. So.

What to do with all these lovely lush green lettuces? Even I can only eat so many salads! Answer? Juice it!

Romaine (aka Cos) lettuce is one of the most nutritious of lettuces and the type I grew (Parris Island) is one of the most nutritious of all. High in beta carotene, folate, lutein (an anti-oxidant), potassium  and Vitamin K, picked fresh and juiced immediately, it is a powerhouse of nutrition and very tasty as well! I juiced two heads, two apples and threw that into the smoothie machine with some red maca powder and golden flax seed. Delicious. I didn’t get a photo of it but it looks just like my spinach juice:

The Green Stuff


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