Cherries Galore!


Experiencing pure unadulterated excitement at my “free fruit find” today. We were headed home from the gym and decided to swing by our favourite cherry tree haven and see if there were any stragglers left on the morello or Bing trees.

Not a one.

But then we spied a glorious yellow and pink cherry tree.


I thought it must be a late blooming morello or Bing. We stopped. We tasted. We picked 8 pounds of these delectable mysterious cherries. Got them home and did some googling and discovered what we had found were (I believe) “Rainier” cherries. Developed in the USA in the 1950’s, a cross between the Bing and the Van cherry varieties. So who brought it to the UK and planted it in an industrial park? No idea but THANK-YOU! 😀

According to what I have read, these are quite late to be harvested as it is August 11th and they typically are harvested “a bit later than Bing or Morello, in early July”.

Does anyone else have any experience with them? I’ve frozen most of them and plan to go back for more tomorrow, perhaps make some wine with them? They are really delicious! Not as bland as Bing, not as tart as Morello – sort of sweet and tangy at the same time. I am really thrilled to have found them!



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