Liberté Greek-Style Yogurt in the UK!!


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! So excited. Was getting groceries on the weekend and what did I find but delicious Liberté Greek-style yogurt. Made me just a wee bit homesick for Canada but as this is one of the products I miss, it was a cure at the same time!

I use plain yogurt a lot – in stroganoff instead of sour cream, in buttermilk scones if I can’t find buttermilk, on baked or steamed potatoes instead of butter or sour cream, in curries, etc!  So to have found that Liberté has arrived in the UK made my weekend.

Luscious luscious stuff!! Their website is here if you want to read more on the products. And no I don’t work for them 😉 I just love quality!!!



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