We’ve been in the process of moving house the last couple of weeks so sorry for the delay in posting ANYTHING!

The new owners have agreed I can come and harvest the last of my garden and especially my pear tree, but as it is

a long drive back I doubt I will be able to. 😦 Good-bye sweet pear tree. Good-bye non-producing for the last three years peach tree.

The good news is that our new place has a bigger veggie patch, greenhouse and TWO pear trees so all is not lost. I also had kept my fig and olive trees in large planters so they have made the move to the new place as well.

We loved our house and didn’t want to move but with talk of a gasification plant in our town I didn’t want to risk property values dropping. Maybe they wouldn’t have – I don’t know, but we got out while we could.  Now I just pray they don’t start fracking or something equally horrid in our new town!!


Spinach and Mozarella Omelette with Quinoa


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Reader, writer, gardener, camper, hiker, traveller. Cat lover that loves to cook. Married, mother of two fantastic twenty-somethings. INTJ, Canadian. Living in England (and loving it). Addicted to cookbooks. Sometimes cranky.

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