Some thoughts on Modern Wheat versus Einkorn, Emmer and Khorasan Wheat



Well, I hesitate to admit it as there are so many tasty things that I would like to indulge in now and then, but I have to conclude that I really do think that modern wheat makes me ill. I have been really strict for the last 5 or 6 days eating only Einkorn, Emmer or Khorasan* wheat (in pumpkin loaf, pasta and pasta respectively) and there has, yet again, been a noticeable difference in how I feel.   That lethargic “sick tired-body cloudy-brain” feeling seems to dissipate when I cut out modern wheat! I find it rather scary that that is even possible as we are so brainwashed into the idea that whole grain wheat is healthy. And perhaps it is – if we are talking about REAL wheat and not the genetic monstrosity that modern wheat has become.
We are largely uneducated on the fact that what most people call “wheat” today is a foodstuff that has been so drastically altered over the years from actual wheat, that even calling it “wheat” is deceptive**.  I have found a strong correlation between eating it and feeling horrible. The “clear mind” thing is particularly interesting to me – I had first noticed that the third day into my raw diet when I did that a few months back.  Only months later did I draw the modern-wheat connection.
Anyways, I was really hoping it was all in my mind. Truly. I am not jumping in glee at this recent realisation.  I would like the freedom of being able to occasionally indulge in things that aren’t readily available modern wheat or gluten free – e.g. certain baked goods, fish and chips from the local vendor, certain Chinese food items, pasta, pizza and fresh bread at restaurants – or the occasional naan bread when we are  out. At home I can and do make some of those things with einkorn, emmer and kamut flour, with great results and no physical sick symptoms. And at the end of the day, I AM free to indulge in modern wheat products – but I won’t. The real question for me, when I am out and tempted with a modern wheat product (like a few minutes ago in the lunch room where some kind soul had left a “please help-yourself plate of divine looking danishes!!! ARGH!!)) is now:  “is it worth it“?  The resounding answer is “NOOOOOOOO!”  So faced with the Danish pastries, I resolutely averted my eyes, grabbed my cup of tea and ran out of the room. The evidence is in and I no longer need to get “hit with a brick” on this: if I  eat modern wheat I feel sick the next few days following. Period.
Anyways, it is what it is I guess and at the end of the day, most of what modern wheat is in, isn’t good for me or my waistline anyway!  Despite the inconvenience and the fact that it limits to a certain extent my indulgences, I am happy to have finally identified this: over the years I have tried without success to figure out what was sapping my energy and why I was always tired and this seems to have answered the question. When I don’t eat modern wheat I feel great and when I do eat it I feel like death warmed over – seems pretty conclusive to me.
I am glad that i am not gluten intolerant and that I CAN eat einkorn, emmer and kamut wheat products. On our recent trip to Italy we stocked up on emmer and kamut pasta (I have yet to find einkorn pasta here in the UK and did not find it in Italy either – but as the emmer and kamut pastas are both fabulous I will survive).
** Khorasan wheat is also called Kamut® – as I was looking up Kamut info I came across this article – wow!

* Read more here if you are interested:



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  1. i know i react to wheat, but not sure whether it is just the modern version or not, don’t really want to try to figure that out, i feel so much better with no wheat…

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