Message in a Bottle: A romantic idea or desperately naive?


I came upon a blog today where the writer talked about fulfilling her long-held romantic urge to throw a bottle in the ocean with a note inside. I responded in a bit of a heated manner and left a link behind with an article on what a dump the ocean has become.

Not so romantic after all.

Not so romantic after all.

I am sure that polluting the ocean was not her intention – but all of our actions have consequences – whether we “intend” or not. And our planet is slowly dying. We can either duck our heads in the sand, throw our hands up in the air and say it is too far gone to make a difference – or we can do our best to keep our own corner of the world, clean.

As I was reading through the article and the comments from other readers (most of whom thought it was a “cool” idea), I honestly felt a bit sick inside. She inspired a number of people to put it on their bucket list as well.  Ouch.

When do we wake up? When do we as a human race draw a connection between our individual choices and the impact we have on others – whether that be our fellow human beings or the environment?




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