I am a Canadian living in England. I love to cook, eat, garden and live as simply and as greenly as I can. I don’t like to waste money because there are far too many people on the planet going without.

In the kitchen I am a spice-doubling, garlic-tripling, sugar-and-salt-cutting, microwave-shunning cook. I find cooking very therapeutic and 99% of the time I would choose cooking at home over eating out at a restaurant. Not only do I love to cook, but home cooking is more economical and healthier: if I cook something I know what’s in it – and what’s not – and I also know that it hasn’t been microwaved!

I firmly believe that every home needs at least one cat. Preferably two 😉

Please note: all of the content and photos here are mine and are copyrighted – you may not use them without my permission.


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  1. HI- You use to have a green tomato spaghetti sauce that I gratefully used to can sauce at the end of summer every year. I think you have taken it down, as I can’t find it. Would you be willing to repost or send to me please? Thank you for sharing on your blog! I love it.

    • Hi Shay, I am SO sorry about not seeing this comment sooner. I have added the Green Tomato Pasta Sauce again – too late for this year, but hopefully you can use it again in the upcoming year. Would love to see a photo of your jars as well. Katherine 🙂

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