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I just finished watching Vegucated – a film by Marisa Miller Wolfson.¬† I’ve always made a lot of vegetarian choices, lately have been making more and more, and after seeing the film today I have decided that I need to start making a lot more vegan choices.

I loved the film – and I greatly appreciated a lot of what the participants said – one poignant statement that stuck in my mind was “Veganism is not a religion.” – I think that’s where I fell done before – I was so “religious” in my veganism that any “slip” – intentional or unintentional – would send me sprawling with guilt. And it resulted in a crash and burn. The film brought home the reality that veganism is not a religion – or really that we shouldn’t allow it to be a religion. I’ve taken that on board. I can’t go at it with the mindset of “It’s all or nothing”. I need to start with accepting that any changes I make, make a difference – and the more changes I make the bigger difference I will make. I mustn’t allow the self-sabotaging “purist” attitude to emerge again. Rather, my new outlook must be one of conscious eating, mindful eating – and above all, of ownership: owning my choices in life, not least of which are my food choices.

We all want to make the world a better place – for ourselves, for our fellow human beings and for the other creatures that we share the planet with. I realised after seeing the film that choosing “ethically raised” meat and dairy products still ends in tragedy for the animal – in commercial farming businesses, when an animal’s days of giving milk or eggs is over, they are still brutally slaughtered. So I have to rethink my dairy and egg consumption. We all know Red Tractor standards are a complete joke. Freedom Food animals may have a better life – but how horrific is their death?

I have to find some good vegan cheeses – who knows, maybe I will transition to no cheese at all, but right now I am rather addicted. I like soya milk (and can get good non-GMO organic soya milk easily) and I can buy (and have successfully made) delicious soya yoghurt. I’ve cut out butter already and eat coconut oil or olive oil instead. Eggs in baking are occasionally a challenge depending on the recipe – I’ve tried egg substitutes (chia seeds, flax) with varying success – maybe I could get some rescue chickens, allow them to lay as many or as few eggs as they wish, give them a loving environment to end out their days, and when they pass on, bury their little bodies with respect?

Oh the thoughts they are a swirling ūüėČ


Message in a Bottle: A romantic idea or desperately naive?


I came upon a blog today where the writer talked about fulfilling her long-held romantic urge to throw a bottle in the ocean with a note inside. I responded in a bit of a heated manner and left a link behind with an article on what a dump the ocean has become.

Not so romantic after all.

Not so romantic after all.

I am sure that polluting the ocean was not her intention – but all of our actions have consequences – whether we “intend” or not. And our planet is slowly dying. We can either duck our heads in the sand, throw our hands up in the air and say it is too far gone to make a difference – or we can do our best to keep our own corner of the world, clean.

As I was reading through the article and the comments from other readers (most of whom¬†thought it was a “cool” idea), I honestly felt a bit sick inside. She inspired a number of people to put it on their bucket list as well. ¬†Ouch.

When do we wake up? When do we as a human race draw a connection between our individual choices and the impact we have on others – whether that be our fellow human beings or the environment?