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Garden Disaster


Oh man. What a year for gardening. Not. Last year my fruit trees produced copious amounts of pears, peaches and I even got a few cherries. This year, the fruit trees blossomed early, then came a cold snap and the insects didn’t get to polinate them. So no fruit this year. Well, one pear. ONE. Hanging there in all its miniscule glory.


Then, it rained and rained and RAINED all of June and July. I was okay – away in the sunshine. But the slugs, ah yes the slugs. They rose from the earth and the crops they did devour. Strawberries. Rainbow chard. Runner beans. Cucumber plants. Munch munch munch. All gone. And the slugs were freakin’ MONSTROUS in size.

Gross out alert:


Yeah. I know. EWWW! It looks like a hedgehog!

So, what’s left? Well, Padron peppers which aren’t flowering. Aubergines (eggplants) which are flowering but which aren’t producing fruit. Grapevines that have produced zilch.
On the upside, the onions have grown gangbusters.


The garlic is doing okay as well. The French petit pois – so far so good. Tomato plants are finally slowly coming on. Squash plants are CRAWLING at a snail’s pace. Not sure if I will end up getting any squash or not.

All I can say is “Thank heavens for grocery stores!” because between the pests and the weather this year, we would be starving if we had to rely on the garden this year!

Okay there is one beautiful sight I forgot to mention: my fig tree – it has about 17 or 18 figs on it and they are growing well! Yea figs!


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